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I suggest some fresh fruits and veggies. But if your on a diet, NEVER go to McDonalds. Because it is fattening and ruins your diet. Try eating: fruits, veggies, salads, and meats. You should have a weekly lesson plan for your diet. List healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No dessert until your done with your diet. When your done, only eat desserts once in a while. Breakfast: toast and jam, fiber one ceral (Not the chocolate), milk, eggs, and not too much bacon. Lunch: turkey sandwitches, salad, energy drink (zero cal.). Dinner: steak, salad and milk. Stay happy! Stay healthy!

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Q: What foods are good for going on a diet?
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What are some good diet foods to lose weight?

It all depends on what kind of diet you are going on which foods you would keep in your home. But some good one would be like green beans, flaxseeds, peanuts, and many other healthy foods. You can find a list of good healthy foods from doing a search in any search engine.

What are good foods to use if your on a diet?


What are the necessary foods for HCG?

none. hcg does not occur naturally in any foods.

What are some diet plans for women that are proven to work?

Usually diet plans for men and women don't really differ. A lot of the same foods are included in both. You can get a good diet plan by going to this website.

Where can I get ideas for going on a cardiac diet?

A good example of a cardiac diet would be one that didn't have too much fatty foods and focused on vegetables, fruits, and anything with a lot of fiber.

What is a health diet?

a health diet is when you stop eating unhealty foods and eat healthy foods

What are the best recipes for a low glycemic diet?

If you are going for a low glycemic diet that means you are going to have to watch out what type of foods you eat in order to control your high blood pressure. Some foods that you can eat are all bran cereals or bread, also some fruits that are good for you are cherries, plums and grapefruits.

What are good foods to eat on a calorie controlled diet?


Is going on a diverticulosis diet going to help me with the mild acute diverticulitis?

I believe diet helps maintain good health. Foods/drinks you should include in your diet are water, fruit juices, broth, and ice pops, also whole grains, beans fresh fruits and vegetables. You should stay away from hard to digest foods. I would see a dietician for more information

What kind of foods would I eat on a French diet?

Some of the foods on the franch diet are dietry meats, eggs, vegetables, herbs, fruits, rye bread and much more. The french diet has a good list source for the foods you should eat on there diet which all seems to be great foods.

Why is fiber important in a balanced diet?

fibre is good in a diet because it helps to digest foods quicker

What foods should I eat based on my blood type if I want to lose weight?

No, you should choose foods that are good for a diet, yet I do not know. Diet diet diet diet diet, that is what you must do to be healthy. Then you loose more weight through dieting and exercising.