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well if he is just messing with you then he most likey likes you

but if he messes with a whole bunch of other girls than he is either trying to be funny or a jerk

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Q: What does it mean when a guy is always messing with you?
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What does it mean when a guy asks if you mom is hot?

that he is either messing with you to get on your nervs,he likes you,or he is into older ladys

If you say to a guy was he messing or telling the truth and he says I do not knowwhat does it mean?

It means I Don't Know

This guy just said ily wich mean i love you and then he said not really after it what does that mean?

if a guy said that to me i would take it as he was just messing around when he said ily

What is the easiest way to tell if a guy likes you?

if he is always messing around with you such as he is always joking with you

If a guy likes to act cute around another guy does that mean he is gay?

Of course not and it depends on what you mean by 'cute,' he could just be messing around or he could just be 'cute' around everyone.

How do know if a guy is flirting with you?

You know a guy is flirting with you when he always is messing around with you and when he is always asking for hugs. Or if he looks at you and smiles. You will be able to tell if he is flirting with you.

How do you know when a guy is messing with you?

He will act really weird

Does that mean the guy who likes you know that the guy you like like you if he is always mean to the guy you like?

This is a tongue twister. And no.

How can you tell a boy is messing around?

YOU can tell when a guy is CHEATING on you is when he doesn't spent enough time wichu and wen he always has something to do and basically avoids YOU!!!!1

How can you tell a guy is messing with you?

say you want to take things slow and if he responds well then you hes not messing with you :) hope this helps

If a guy your messing around with tells you he doesnt want no more kids but keeps asking you now and again what happenes if you get pregnant then what is he trying to tell you?

If the guy is messing around with you and is giving you all sorts of mixed messages, he is not only messing around with you, he is messing around with your mind.

What does it mean when a guy tickles you when he has a girlfriend?

That depends. Are you friends with this guy? Or do you to barely know each other? If he is your friend then he might just be messing with you. If you barely know each other then it is possible that he finds you attractive.