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if a guy said that to me i would take it as he was just messing around when he said ily

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Q: This guy just said ily wich mean i love you and then he said not really after it what does that mean?
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What is the value of a expression?

well an expression shows how you feel about the words that your saying, so if you said to your loved one "i love you dearly" while frowning it could make them think that you don't really mean it. an expression can mean a lot.

A boy tells his girlfriend that he loves her but he is also in love with someone else how can this be?

Ok, well...if he has said that he loves her but is in love with someone else then he just has mixed feelings and isn't sure what to say. Or he could be trying to play Mr. Player. Just keep your eyes open.

What does 10-4 rubber ducky mean?

10-4 is trucker language code for 'thanks' or 'OK'. Rubber Ducky is just the nickname given to the person this was said to.

I Crush on this boy but he likes another girl that I really hate.what do I do?

That's a question you may get alot! anyway, firstly if they are trully in love you should leave them because there would be allways other guys waiting for a special girl like you, but if you know that its just a joke or something you should try to get to know him more and maybe ask him out one day :) xxxor plan b is... give that girl dirty looks ;) jokiingg lol! no what you could do is make the boy know you like him and try to make him feel good when he's with you, but then as that person said up there if they are truly in love just leave them... you could kill that girl another time :p jokiinnn again! just don't get involed and just leave them also ignore them cuz if you don't, you will feel really bad and then you would literally kill that girl jokesss soz just don't do the bad things i said in this okk? cheers well good luk with ya boy if u don't get him there will still be other guys looking for a tili cool girl like you

What are angles that share a vertex and side?

well, i don't really know but my teacher said equal.

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What does it mean when a girl said that she would do anything for you?

she is really in love with you

Did Jared really mean it when he said i love you wanda?

No he didn't :( He wanted to get a reaction from Melanie :)

If a boy says love you does it mean anything?

Well, it depends on how he said it. If he said it like he didn't care, then it doesn't mean anything. if he said it like he cared than it means he really does.

What are the lyrics of do you really love me by Cary Landry and carol jean kingdom?

Do you really love me Jesus said to Peter Do you relly love me, Jesus said again Yes I relly live you Peter said with joy Then feed my lambs he said, Peter feed my lambs Doyou really love me' Jesus said to Peter Doyou really love me. Jesus said again Lord, you know I love you Peter said with joy Then feed my sheep, he said. Peter feed my sheep Do you really love me. Jesus says to me Do you really love me? Jesus says to you Yes, we really love you. We will follow you Then feed my Lambs he says My people feed my sheep

What does if love is really forever then i am a winner at a losing game mean?

It means that the person that said this is unhappy in and with their relationship they are referring to or you can look at it from a different angle and the person that said this is ecstatic with their relationship as they have found a love that will last forever. It just depends on the way the person is depicting things.

How do you know if a guy loves you or likes you if he just said i 3 you?

saying i love you is not enough he must show ways that he really love you.

He says he likes almost everything about you when he says like does he really mean love?

I'm guessing if he said "like" then he means "like" not "love"

What does it mean when a guy say there is nobody else above you but God?

It means that he really like you, probably is in love with you, deeply in love. Or he could just be saying that to get in your pants. I don't know him so i couldn't really rell you what he means by that but those are two possible reasons for why he said that.

What does it mean when a boy calls you honey bunny?

it's a sweet words to be said from your lover and it said just for those who fall in love and means that he love you so match

How do you get your ex back because i said i liked someone else?

omg this is bad just say i love you and kiss him on the lips and say i didnt really say that i said i love you [liam]

Who said just love love love movies?

I love movies very much, and as long as i was free i will watch movies with my own computer, eating snacks. It is really an enjoyment.

I really don't know about this boy i love He seems that he doesn't love me And today my friends said that who would you rather go out with me or susan and he picked susan does he really mean that?

Unfortunatly yes. He is a git.