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It means that he likes you or he is a creepy stalker

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Q: What does it mean when a guy calls you and hangs up?
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When a man calls and listens to your voice and hangs up the phone?

He likes you and is all like omg i cant speak to this gorgeous gal and so he hangs up..

What does it mean when you hang up on a guy and he calls you back?

He wants to talk to you and want to know why you hung up on him.

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl a tool?

it means that he thinks you are stuck up and you have to have everything your way.

What do you do if the guy you like is out-going and hangs a lot with guy friends?

1) be cool with it 2) tell your closest guy friend there and maybe he can hook you up;)

What does it mean when a guy friend tells you i know what you want you want to see me hug me and kiss me but the number one thing is and hangs up and really your not even having that conversation?

He wants you.

If a girl calls you and hangs up but then you call back and they still hung up on you what is she trying to say?

It probably means she is trying to play a game of hard to get or she is just shy

What does it mean when a guy who wants to hook up with you calls you but doesn't leave a voice mail?

It doesnt mean anything it just means you should call him back. Hope this helps :)

What does it mean when a guy who wants to hook up with you calls you but doesnt leave a voice mail?

some don't like to leave a voicemail. but it doesn't mean anything rie now

What does it mean when the guy always calls the girl verses the girl call the guy?

To me it doesn't mean anything, I guess the guy just really wanted to ask the girl or vise versa don't get all amped up about it just because it's the other way.

Does Ikuto Call Amu?

Yes im not sure every time he does but in Shugo chara party episode 10 he calls her for the first time. Teases her then hangs up. Apparently he calls her again in party but im not sure

What does it mean when a guy calls you saying they called you because they were bored.?

that he just made up an exscuse to talk to you and hear your voice...but he wouldn't say that to you.. because he has strong feelings for you

What does It mean when I say I love you and he hangs up?

maybe he is shy or he doesnt like u or it was to sudden