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text them

if broken up text to say sorry

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Q: What must you do if your boyfriend ignores your calls?
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How do you handle call center calls?

You must be patience,humble and with relax.

What would you do if your boyfriend misses your calls constantly?

It has now become a 'on a need to know basis' so go over to where he lives. If he seems upset you are there remind him that you are boyfriend/girlfriend and you were concerned he wasn't ing your calls. You two need to sit down and communicate how you feel about each other and if there is any relationship going on.

If you get 13 calls in one month which has 31 days is your average call per month is .419?

The numeric value is correct. 13 divided by 31 equals 0.419 (rounded to the nearest thousandth) However the label used is incorrect. Calls divided by days must yield calls per DAY. the closest correct answer is .419 calls per day. To calculate an avergage number of calls per month would typically require a larger sample of months to get a meaningful number. The most you could assert by this sample is the the average calls per month is 13 since you only have one month of data. If the following month, for example you received 23 calls, then the formula would be total number of calls (13 + 23) divided by the number of months (2) which would be 36 divided by 2 or 18 calls per month.

How much should you text or call your boyfriend?

4 -5 calls a weekMaybe a text every day, and reply back if he asks you a questionDon't do much more than this, he will think you are clingy and dump youI should know :P

Is your boyfriend a stalker if he calls everyday?

If he constantly wants to know where you are, yes. If he's just calling to say hi, he probably just really likes you and doesn't know better. Perhaps try asking him nicely to call a bit less.

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How can you tell if your boyfriend does not like you?

He avoids you, he ignores your calls, he seems uninterested in things you say/do, he hangs around other people, all things like this are signs he doesn't like you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend ignores you for a week?

He's cheating on you

What does it mean when your boyfriend ignores what you say?

that means that your in a normal relationship

What to do if your girlfriend ignores you for days without any messages or calls?

get a life!!!

What does it mean if your boyfriend called you romantic names and then he stopped and now calls you by your own name?

his feelings for must have changed.

Who is Amy rose's boyfriend?

Calls! Sonic the hedgehog her boyfriend ^_^

What is the sign that someone does not love?

if they break up and ignores your calls. also if you see lonliness in their eyes

When husband ignores wife at party?

I damned hated that question. I know exactly how it feels when a man ignores you at the paRty. as a matter of a fact I am a victim. My suggestion for you is Don't take actions immediately. Give yourself time.What I did when this happened to me is walk away although it's not something easy to do. Try your best to not call him. If he calls, Ignores his phone calls.

Why does your boyfriend ignores you a couple days each month?

Maybe he is trying to stay clear of you when you are on your period.

How do you know when your ex-boyfriend ignores you?

When you say something to him and he continues what he's doing without answering you.

If a guy you like says that you annoy him and ignores your phone calls what should you do you like him?

you're out of luck... sorry.

How do you know when a guy is considered as your boyfriend?

When he calls you his girlfriend.