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He has been caught saying "bitch" on April fools. He has also said some other things but that is another story

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Q: What curse words does Justin Bieber say?
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Does Justin Bieber curse a lot?

No, He does not cures a lot. He has been known though to say a few curse words.

What bad words does Justin Bieber say?

Justin bieber doesn't sware he only says *stupid* and *freaken*

Did Justin bieber ever say bad words?


What kind of bad words does Justin Bieber say?

i can tell you because i dont say bad words!

Does Justin Bieber say bad words when he is mad?

well sometimes

How do you say I love Justin Bieber in German?

I love Justin Bieber = Ich liebe Justin Bieber

How do you change lyrics of a Justin Bieber song?

You Say Different Words/Lyrics.

How do say you love Justin Bieber in french?

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What does Justin bieber play in?

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Which is cooler Justin Bieber or flow rider?

I say Justin Bieber.

Dose Justin bieber say bad words?

Yes and if u don't believe me then just go to YouTube and look up Justin bieber hilarious moments!

Who is more famous Gandalf or Justin Bieber?

I would say Justin Bieber