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The Jonas brothers are way out! Justin Bieber is :)

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Justin bieber is more famous because he has better talent.but the Jonas brothers are still good but i have to say Justin bieber sings the best

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Q: Who is more popular Justin Bieber or Jonas Brothers?
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Is Justin Bieber the Jonas Brothers brother?

No, Justin Bieber is in no way related to the Jonas Brothers.

Did Justin Bieber meet Jonas Brothers?

yes, Justin bieber met the Jonas brothers at a Paris airport.

Did the Jonas brothers throw Justin Bieber in the dumpster?

YES joe Jonas has thrown Justin bieber in the dumpster!

Are Justin Bieber and Jonas Bieber brothers?

um no...and they're the Jonas brothers. No they are just friends. Love Miley

Who is better the Jonas Brothers or Justin Beaver?


Do the Jonas Brothers hate Justin Bieber?

no the Jonas brothers do not hate Justin Bieber cause in a magizen it said that there friends and if any one hates Justin Bieber than there very very stupid cause Justin Bieber is a very sweet guy

That have the initials of JB?

Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber.

Does Justin Bieber hate the Jonas brothers?

no he doesn't

Who is a better singer jonus brothers or Justin Bieber?

Jonas Brothers

Who sang the baby bottle pop song?

Jonas brothers and Justin Bieber

Is Justin Bieber Have more fans then the Jonas Brothers?

Noooo Justin Bieber Just Started comming out Last Year In 09 Jonas Brothers Are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy FAMOUS!

Are the Jonas Brothers best friends with Justin Bieber?