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No he didn't kiss Nick Jonas he is not gay.

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Q: Did Justin Bieber kiss nick jones?
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Is selena dating justin bieber or nick jones?

justin beiber!

Did Selena Gomez kiss Nick Jonas?

Unfortunately yes Nick Jonas did dump Selena Gomez but now she's going out with Justin Bieber Hope this helped

Is nick merico cuter then Justin Bieber?

Well This Is My Opinion: Yessh By A Million Years! The New Justin Bieber! Replace Justin Bieber For Nick Merico! x

Is Nick Jonas more famous than Justin Bieber?

Yes, Nick Jonas is more famous than Justin Bieber

Are Justin Bieber and nick dempsey cousins?

Yep! Nick's mom and Justin's mom are sisters.

When is nick Jones birthday out of Jones brothers?

Nick Jonas (he's mine gals- ya snooze, ya lose!) was born on September 16th, 1993. P.S Kaelyn if you are readin this I have Justin Bieber's address!!!!! Luv SM

What is Justin bieber's dad's real name and nick name?

Jemery Bieber

How many boys did Selena Gomez went out with on a date?

ok she date 100 boys when she was 11 she went out with justin bieber who I hate justin bieber I wish I can call him a bieber my friend said he is a bieber and you kiss nick jonas and taylor luntuer I don't know how to spell that much I only in grade 3

What is the difference between Justin bieber and Nick Jonas?

nick Jonas is hotter

Who was the boy that Justin bieber kiss on the lips?

he was hanging with the Jonas brothers when he accidentally bumped into nick and kissed him. it was very brief and it was an accident so they're not gay

What is selena gomez boyfriend name is?

Selena Gomez's boyfriend is Justin Drew Beiber

Does Justin Bieber like nick Jonas?

Yes they are friends.