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Justin Bieber sang with Jayden Smith in his hit song... Never Say Never.

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Q: What boys has Justin Bieber sang with?
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Did Justin Timberlake steal cry you a river from Justin bieber?

no Justin bieber sang it but it was Justin timberlake's song.

Is the song your time by Justin Bieber?

that is a simple answer NO one tome was sang by Justin bieber

How many songs has Justin Bieber sung?

How many songs has Justin bieber sang

What other singers have Justin Bieber sang with?

Justin Bieber has sang with Usher, Jasmine Villages, Rascal Flatts, and Jaden Smith

Who sang on November Blue?

Justin Bieber

Who sang something cool?

Justin Bieber

How old was Justin Bieber when he sang cry you a river by Justin Timberlake?

he was 12 when he sang cry you a river by Justin Timberlake

Who made Love Me sang by Justin Bieber?

eww Justin beiber

How many boys are fans of Justin Bieber?

only about 1% of boys like justin bieber. and that 1% of boys are either gay or bisexual.

Who sang one time?

Justin Bieber sang the song "One Time."

Is Justin Bieber in school gyrls and if he is what does he do?

yes he sang

How did Justin Bieber first sang?

he was in a compotion when he was 12