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Liberia and Sierra Leone

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Q: What African country was settled by freed American slaves?
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What African country settled free slaves?


What country in west Africa was settled by freed American slaves?


The African nation founded by former American slaves is?

The African nation founded by former American slaves was Liberia.

Which country imported the least number of African slaves?

North American

African country founded during the 1820s by former american slaves?


What African country began as a colony for freed American black slaves?


What two African countries were settled by freed slaves?

Liberia, on the west coast of Africa,was settled by freed slaves.

What African country is 10 west 7 north?

Liberia is the the once coleney for American slaves

What African country once served as a colony for American slaves?

Liberia was originally founded as a home in Africa for freed slaves, hence the name.

What African country was first settled by freed American slaves?

Fort Mose, 2 miles north of St. Augustine, Florida, established in 1738 declared by then governor Manuel Montiano, of the Spanish held territory.

Was sierra Leone settled by former American slaves?


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