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Absolutely! Skip the pop and juice for some ice-cold water. Water has no calories unlike other drinks.

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Q: Lose weight by not drinking pop?
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How much weight can you lose if you stop drinking pop?

Not much and it depend how frequently you drink it.

Do you lose weight by just drinking water and gatorade drinks?

OMG you can but you wont lose a lot of weight. if you want to lose weight do excercise and walk at less 10 min a day. you can loss weight by drinking that but you have to keep drinking water for at less 1 year to loss weight

Does drinking sprite help you lose weight?


Why do you I lose weight when you drink pop?

kill you

Can you lose weight drinking prune juice?

u can lose weight by not adding sugar,maybe,MAYBE.

Can drinking aloe vera help you lose weight?


Does drinking tonic water help you lose weight?


How much weight you can lose in one week by drinking more water?

None at all. Drinking more water will not reduce your weight.

Can you lose weight by drinking ensure 2 times daily?

Drinking ensure in substitute for 2 meals a day will help you lose weight. If you eat 3 meals a day plus ensure, you will gain weight. Just eat healthy and excercise and you will lose weight with no extra help.

Can you lose weight by just drinking apple cider vinegar?

Yes! You can lose weight by drinking apple cider vinegar! I have put a link in my bio where you can know 10 benefits of apple cider vinegar + free weight loss stuff's to lose weight. You should checkout if you want to lose weight and to know more about apple cider vinegar. Thank you.

How much weight would you lose if you quit drinking beer?

It depends on how much beer you drink. Also your age, metabolism, fitness level, body composition, etc. Most likely you won't lose weight by not drinking beer, but will stop putting on more weight. To lose weight you will need to exercise

How much weight will you lose if you stop drinking alcohol?

a lot. Drinking packs on the pounds, trust me I know.