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Q: Does drinking sprite help you lose weight?
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Can drinking aloe vera help you lose weight?


Does drinking tonic water help you lose weight?


Does putting epsom salt in drinking water help you to lose weight?

No it will not.

Can you lose weight by drinking ensure 2 times daily?

Drinking ensure in substitute for 2 meals a day will help you lose weight. If you eat 3 meals a day plus ensure, you will gain weight. Just eat healthy and excercise and you will lose weight with no extra help.

Does drinking a shot of whisky after workout help you lose weight?

No it doesnt, it makes you put ON WEIGHT.

Does drinking cranberry juice help lose weight?

No, cranberry juice hasn't been proven to help with weight loss.

Does drinking raw eggs help you lose weight?

Yes I drink three a day

Can drinking one gallon of water help you lose weight?

not just one gallon

Drinking wheat grass makes you lose weight?

Drinking wheat grass can help you lose weight. The wheat grass helps to flush toxins from your body and provide your system with the nutrients necessary to burn fat.

Can you lose weight with distilled water?

Yes, by drinking water, you will be able to avoid your crave for food. This will help lessen your weight.

Does drinking the urine of another person help you to lose weight?

Urine therapy is about drinking your ownfiltered urine. It is based on the "Law of Similars" (but without homeopathic dilution) therefore it is not about drinking the urine of another person. I have not yet heard of urine therapy being used in relation to weight loss.

Does drinking water help you get skinnier?

Drinking water in place of soda, beer, or coffee will help you lose weight because water contains no sugar. However, do not expect to lose weight by drinking water along with soda, coffee, and beer. Having a healthy diet with water will also help with losing weight.