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There is no set age for anyone to start dating. You should start dating when you feel comfortable with the idea of dating.

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Q: Is the sixth grade and 12 years old to young for a girl to start dating if so when should she start?
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How old should people start dating or can people date when they are in 6th grade through when they get older?

Sixth grade is a little young, but people occasionally start even younger. The generally agreed upon age for dating in the US is sixteen.

What is the average grade when you start dating?

I think it should be 10th or 11th grade

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No do you want to start algerbra that is realy hard in 5th grade?

How do you start to write a sixth grade report?

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What grade does middle school start in wi?

Sixth grade

What age would you start dating a person?

I say that u should start dating in 6th grade but nothing like kissing & crap.

What do preteens do in sixth grade?

im a sixth grader and alot of kids start smoking and getting into drug use or boys start pushing their girlfriends to have sex!!!!!! i should know

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No. In the sixth Ron was dating lavender. After a while, they broke up, but lavender didn't start dating seamus until book 7.

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When should children start dating?

most kids are in 5th grade and date but my choice is to allow them to start at middle school ages

If you are in sixth grade and someone asks you to say the f word do you say it?

It depends, if you are trying to impress someone then no. But anyway you are in sixth grade that's when you start.

What age does flirting start?

it matters on your body i had my frist bf in the 3rd grade No, its probably more usual to have it start when boys kid around with you or people start dating. For me, that's about sixth or seventh grade. Sometimes they even might flirt if they just think you're cute, not actually like you.