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most kids are in 5th grade and date but my choice is to allow them to start at middle school ages

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Q: When should children start dating?
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What age should kids be able to start dating?

I think kids should be able to start dating when they want to.

Is the sixth grade and 12 years old to young for a girl to start dating if so when should she start?

At 12 years old, it's generally considered too young for a girl to start dating. It's important for children to focus on their personal growth, education, and building strong friendships at this age. Parents can consider allowing their child to start dating when they are older and more mature, typically during mid to late teenage years.

How old should someone be to star dating?

There are mixed opinions about this one. A lot of parents start letting their children date at the age of 16.

Should you start dating at 10? that age dating is the worst thing you can distracts you from learning ruining your future

When will Freddy and Carly start dating?

They should but who knows when! ):

Should a girl start dating at 10 years?


Can you start dating when your 9 years old?

No, generally dating, any sort of romantic social interaction, is not an appropriate activity for children.

When should girls start dating?

There is no real answer to this, it will be each persons opinion. I didn't start dating until I was 16 as I was not allowed. I believe that it should be once your mature enough to make such a decision. I think girls should start dating whenever they want to. But just be smart about it. ^^

What age would you start dating a person?

I say that u should start dating in 6th grade but nothing like kissing & crap.

What do you do if really want a gay partner?

You should start by dating. Dating sites are good place to begin.

Are mindless behavior real dating?

They are at the age when children start to date so it is quite possible.

How should i be to start dating?

How old should you be? Most people start dating around 14, or after. You should be emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship, and usually when you're 14 you're just starting to develop that maturity, so dating when you're younger is usually not a good idea.