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it matters on your body i had my frist bf in the 3rd grade

No, its probably more usual to have it start when boys kid around with you or people start dating. For me, that's about sixth or seventh grade. Sometimes they even might flirt if they just think you're cute, not actually like you.

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Q: What age does flirting start?
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Your crush knows you like him but never said anything to you but he smiles at you?

Start flirting! There is no better way to start out a good relationship than flirting.

How to start dating?

you need to start flirting. then you can get to the point to dating later.

How you make a girlfriend?

Get to know them and then slowly start flirting with her.

How can you tell when a by is flirting with you?

You can tell a by is flirting with u if they start to tell u secrets they normally would not tell.U can also tell if they start trying to sit next to u.they start to touch you funny and start to make u laugh .if they start to stare at you like they saw the best thing on eath they are defenantly flirting and they might just like like u.

How do you get a guy friend to know you like him?

You could start out with flirting.

How do you ask a person are they flirting with you?

Just start to to laugh. Then say are you flirting with me? Because of course you want to know because what if you like that person.

When your boyfriend lies to your friend about his age does that mean hes flirting with her?

Not necessarily. It could just mean he is a little attracted to her. But, he is most likely flirting with her.

Where do you find information to start text flirting?

You need to get laid my friend,:)

How do you attract a guy in 5th grade that you have never talked to?

Start flirting with him!

I think i are appearing to strong and flirting to much to this boy and turning him off what should you do?

tone it down. start a conversation with the guy instead of flirting right away.

What are the dangers of married people flirting?

okk... so the damages of married people flirting are many... you may be accused of cheating or someone could start lies

How should you find out whether a girl likes you or not - over the phone?

when they start flirting with you