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No, taking a shower on your period isn't bad at all - you can do anything during your period that you would do any other time of your menstrual cycle, and just like any other time of your cycle you should bathe regularly to stay hygienic.

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2013-08-17 23:34:44
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Q: Is taking a shower while you are on your period bad?
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Is taking a shower after a workout bad?


Is taking bath while in perioed bad?

its kinda bad . but if u have ur period and u are taking a bath dont stay there for to long cause the if bad.

Is taking a shower twice a day bad for you?

Taking a shower 2 times a day is not bad for you. Yet, the chemicals in the shampoo/body wash may mildly dry out your skin and hair. Taking a shower a day is a good number.

Is it bad to shower while you have the flu?

No, it's not bad to shower while you have the flu. It can actually make you feel better and more refreshed.

I Can't stop period blood in the shower is that bad?

no it is not its normal

Why does your face smell bad?

if your face smells bad then you probably haven't had a shower for a while.

Is it bad to eat egg while on your period and if so why?

Is it bad to eat egg while on period and if so why?

Is taking a bath with no sleep is it bad?

No its not bad. Just don't use cold or hot as your temperature for the water. Make sure you shower with WARM water.

Is nail polish bad while on your period?

Not unless your eating it. but then it is bad for you anyway

Is it bad to take percocet while taking seroquel?


Is taking a shower everyday bad for you?

yes it is it drys your fricken hair out!!! - The above person is quite a genius. Depends on how fragile your skin is. If you don't have fragile skin, taking a shower every day is just right if you use the correct soap.

Is it bad to start your period before taking out nuva ring?

No, it's neither bad nor unusual to start your period before taking out NuvaRing. You should continue using NuvaRing on schedule regardless of bleeding.

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