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No, taking a shower on your period isn't bad at all - you can do anything during your period that you would do any other time of your menstrual cycle, and just like any other time of your cycle you should bathe regularly to stay hygienic.

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Q: Is taking a shower while you are on your period bad?
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Is taking bath while in perioed bad?

its kinda bad . but if u have ur period and u are taking a bath dont stay there for to long cause the if bad.

I Can't stop period blood in the shower is that bad?

no it is not its normal

Is it bad to eat egg while on your period and if so why?

Is it bad to eat egg while on period and if so why?

Is taking a shower twice a day bad for you?

It would be very sanitary, however for your hair, it will become very dry and stringy

Is taking a shower everyday bad for you?

yes it is it drys your fricken hair out!!! - The above person is quite a genius. Depends on how fragile your skin is. If you don't have fragile skin, taking a shower every day is just right if you use the correct soap.

Is nail polish bad while on your period?

Not unless your eating it. but then it is bad for you anyway

Is it bad to eat then shower?

No, it is not bad to shower after eating; you can eat and then shower right afterwards. You should not swim right after eating.

Should you really be taking shower's during storm's?

It depends on how bad the storm is. If it is raining outside with no thunder, then it will be safe to shower. If there is severe lightning and thunder, your power could go out, causing the water to go out. All in all, it really depends on how bad the storm is.

Is taking a cold shower bad for your skin?

No. Taking a cold shower is part of hydrotherapy. This stimulates the skin's microcurculation for improved skin tone and is also useful for circulation. However you must be careful not to make the shower too cold, as the body might go into shock and it will also be a strain on your heart, so it is advised not to do this if you have heart problems.

Is hitting your vagina while your on your period is it bad?

It is messy and gross

Is it bad for your hair to brush it while it is still wet?

Nope! It's actually good for it! Especially if you are in a shower with conditioner in your hair.

How long can a person live without taking a shower?

As long as any other person but they might smell pretty bad. Or they could take baths.