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Is it bad to eat egg while on period and if so why?

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Q: Is it bad to eat egg while on your period and if so why?
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Is it bad to eat egg while on your period and why?

NOTHING you eat or don't eat has ANY affect of your period unless you feel there is one particular thing that does affect it, but there are not specific foods you shouldn't eat! I have had my periods since 12. I am 27 years old and eat anything on my period. Never had any problems.

Is egg good for you?

yes and no to much of them is bad but they have a lot of protein so they are good to eat once in a while

Is egg bad for uric acid?

egg is bad to eat by a person high in cholesterol and uric acid

Can you get ur period while you are pregnant?

No you can't have your period while you are pregnant. Your period is ment to flush out the un-fertalized egg and make way for a new one. When you are pregnant the egg is fertalized so there is no need for your body to get rid of the egg. meaning no period. _______________________________________

When you have a period does it get rid of bad blood?

when having a period, the unfertilized egg is released out of the body and the blood lining is released. this is not bad blood. it is full of nutrition in order for the egg to survive.

Can you get your period while the egg is being fertilized?

no because if the egg is then fertilised, then you will become pregnant, and you do not have periods while you are pregnant.

Is it bad for a dog to eat a rotten egg?

It's bad for anyone, no matter what species, to eat anything rotten.

If a good egg sinks what does a bad egg do?

A bad egg will float in water due to gas buildup inside the shell. This is a sign that it is not safe to eat.

How bad is it if your dog eats a confetti egg?

can dog eat confetti

Are egg whites bad to eat if you have gall stones?

No. You can safely eat the same. Egg white is very good source of first class proteins.

If part of the insides of an egg comes out of the shell while boiling does that mean the egg was bad?

No; having part of an egg come out of the shell while boiling does not mean the egg was bad. It means the heat caused the bubble of air inside the egg to expand, cracking the shell, and allowing a bit of the egg white to escape.

What does a chick eat while in the egg?

Nothing, it gets its nutrition from the white and the yolk already in the egg.