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No. Vaporizing marijuana is the healthiest way to inhale it. Vaporizing the herb means that it's being heated, but not burned. This causes the liquids in the plant to evaporate just like water does.

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Q: Is smoking weed with a vaporizer dangerous for lungs?
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Does smoking weed make your lungs bleed?

"yes it will it is just as bad for your lungs as cigarettes" is not true!Cannabis has been scientifically proven to help lungs in re guarding your alveoliwhen inhaled threw a vaporizer.

Would smoking weed in a vaporizer help after wisdom teeth removal?

dont! it gave me dry socket! ouch!

What does weed do to you phicaly?

well physically if you are smoking it obviously its going to do some damage to your lungs. but if you use a vaporizer which heats the weed without causing it to combust their is 0% tar and all you are getting is the THC. it does not cause cancer, it actually contains elements that were shown to defend against cancerous cells.

Does smoking weed and working oug make your lungs stronger?

yes it does :)

Is going to the dentist dangerous when smoking weed?

Depends if the dentists been smoking it too or not...

Is a weed vaporizer harmful?

no, it is the safest way to smoke weed.

How do you get really high smoking weed?

Vaporizerrr! Gives you puree THC they run anywhere between $150-$300, best known vaporizer around would be the "Volcano"

Will lungs clear up if quit smoking weed?

Yes, a difference will be noted in about 6 days.

Is marijuana dangerous for animals?

yes. it will kill all animals, including humans , over time FALSE it may kill animals, but a recent study has shown that smoking weed does not affect your lungs at all.

What are Wiz Khalifa's hobbies?

Smoking weed, smoking weed, and smoking weed

Does smoking cigarettes toughen up your lungs for smoking weed?

The lungs do adapt to taking in smoke, but this is only a suppression of the cough-reflex, not a "toughening up". Both will damage your lungs by filling them with ash, tar and other highly toxic chemicals.

What the most effective way to get high off of weed?