Is rem 6mm long action or short action?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Short. Compare cartridge overall length to a .308 Winchester. That is a short action. Longer than that is a long action.

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Q: Is rem 6mm long action or short action?
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Is the Ruger M77 in 6mm Rem considered short action?


Is a 260 a long action or short?

The 260.rem cartridge is a short action cartridge based on the .308 winchester.

What magazines will fit a Remington 760 in 35 Remington?

Remington 760 magazines made to hold the 35 Rem or any other of the short action cartridges...i.e 308, 243, 6mm.

Is a Remington 7MM rem mag a short or long action?

The 7mm Remington Mag.cartridge is a long action cartridge.Its overall length is longer than 2.800in. Also a standard 7mm is long.

Is the ruger American 308 win bolt action rifle a long or short action?

Ruger American Rifle short action calibers (.243 Win, .308 Win, 7mm .08 Rem, 22-250)

Ithaca LSA 55 22-250?

Lsa -55 is a short action rifle made by tikka in finland for ithaca. It was made in .222 rem, 22-250, 243, 6mm and 308. It came in a standard and deluxe versions. The lsa-65 was the long action model and came in 25-06, 270 and 30-06. Made from 1969 thru 1977?

Did ruger make a m77 mark II target in 6mm rem?

Not currently cataloged.

Winchester Model 70 Carbine Short Action 223 Rem?

Mine is a 1-12.

What type of action does a Browning Safari rifle 7MM Rem Mag with serial 7L34662 have?


What type of gun do you shoot woodchucks with?

shotguns.I do not know where this answer came from,but here in the midwest we use a bolt action cenrefire rifle in any varmit cartridge(222 rem,223 rem,22-250,and the 220 swift cartridge.I have seen some use a 6mm remington,and the 243 Winchester cartridge also.

Did browning make a b-78 in 223 caliber?

I am aware of only the following calibers in the B78: 22 250; 6mm Rem, 7mm Rem Mag; 30 06 and 45 70.

What caliber center-fire rifle would be best for hunting whitetail deer in North Carolina at 200 - 400 yards?

long action: 270, 30-06, 7mm rem mag. Short action: 243, 308, 7-08, 7mm wsm.