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Mine is a 1-12.

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Q: Winchester Model 70 Carbine Short Action 223 Rem?
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Is a 308 model 70 Winchester a long or short action?

Your winchester model 70 chambered in .308 a short action.

What is the age and value of a model 70 carbine short action with serial G1738300?

i called winchester about my mod. 70 carbine short action 308, serial #1695xxx,and they told me mine was made in 1983. i asked for other info on the rifle, and they said that there were no records available for that year. 1981 thru 1983 was owned by winchester employees i think.

Is a Winchester model 70-308 a short action or long action rifle?

Short action

Model 94 short 30-30 SN 4840168 What year?

your Winchester model 1894 carbine was made in 1979.

Is a 270 model 70 Winchester a long or short action?


Is a 270 Winchester model 70 a long or a short action?


Is 223 caliber Winchester Model 70 a Long or Short Action rifle?

The 223 is considered a Short Action rifle.

Is there a difference between a long and short action bolt Winchester model 70?

Yes, the length of the action.

What kind of rifle does John Wayne carry in Rio Bravo?

44.40 carbine, and a 38.40 pistol...He carries a "Large Loop" short barrel carbine model 92 Winchester repeating rifle.

What is a Winchester 22 short model 1890 serial number is 294243?

A pump action rifle.

Is a Winchester model 70 223 supershort mag a short action?

yes your model 70 in that caliber is a short action.All rifles that shoot a loaded cartridge that is 2.80 inches in length is considered a short action.

How can you tell if a Winchester model 70 stock is long or short action?

Based on cartridge size, 30-06 and longer is a long action. .308 and shorter is short action.

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