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Q: Is the Ruger M77 in 6mm Rem considered short action?
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Is rem 6mm long action or short action?

Short. Compare cartridge overall length to a .308 Winchester. That is a short action. Longer than that is a long action.

How many calibers was the ruger 77v available in?

22-250, 220 Swift, 243, 6mm Rem, 25-06, 308. Other versions of the 77 were in MANY other calibers.

What magazines will fit a Remington 760 in 35 Remington?

Remington 760 magazines made to hold the 35 Rem or any other of the short action cartridges...i.e 308, 243, 6mm.

Is the Remington 700 bdl 6mm still made?

Only the 700 VLS is made in 6mm

What is the age of a Ruger M77 6mm Rem Serial no 78-25752?

The improved M77 entered the market in 1985. The original M77 entered the market in 1968. Had yours been a standard serial number series, it would indicate VERY early 1985.HOWEVER, the "78-" series of actions were produced in massive numbers in 1978, as a hybrid of the two action designs, with an adjustable trigger only seen on that action series (serial numbers starting with "78-").Your serial number falls roughly into the 1982-1983 date range, but it is impossible to definitively date these rifles. The 78 series actions were used from 1979 through 1991 (even after the M77 Mk II was introduced), primarily on varmint and competition models. But, the actions have been seen on other models as well.Only the Ruger Records Department can properly identify rifles in the "78-" action series (and they can only verify the configuration in which they left the factory).Contact Ruger Customer Service and ask for the phone number to their records department.

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