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Remington 760 magazines made to hold the 35 Rem or any other of the short action cartridges...i.e 308, 243, 6mm.

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i still need this answer also?

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Q: What magazines will fit a Remington 760 in 35 Remington?
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Can Remington 760 short action clip work for 35 Remington caliber?

Yes, I am using a 308 and a 243 clip in my 1954 760 in 35 Remington.

What is the value of a Remington model 760 gamemaster .35 Rem?

100-450 USD

Remington 760 35 caliber pump rifle?

yes i have one inherited from grandpa....

What is 35 percent of 760?

35% of 760= 35% * 760= 0.35 * 760= 266

How much is your 35 cal gamemaster worth?

Depending on exact model and condition, your Remington Mdl 760 Gamemaster is worth about $400. More or less.

What is value of Remington gamemaster 760 35 cal?

Remington Game master model 760 is a pump action rifle produced by Remington arms from 1952-1981. A 1981 model in good condition can cost anything around 550 to 600 US dollars. However, an older model may fetch more if the buyer has some sentimental reasons to acquire it.

Did Remington make a Model 760R in a 300 savage?

I have not seen a 760 marked 760R, but they are stamped Carbine. What is the barrel length? Can you post some pictures? If it is a cut off rifle, as I suspect, then the value is only as a shooter. If you mean the R that has a circle around it after the 760 on the receiver, that is to indicate that 760 is a Remington trademark. There is no record of a 300 Sav. being made in the carbine length, only; 30-06, 270, 280, 308, and 35 Rem.

Can a different round be used in a 35 Remington?

No 35 Remington fired only 35 rem. The 35 Remington is a good cartridge, it's a little more difficult to find but it is still being made.

What is the year and value of a Remington .35 caliper pump gamemaster model 760 serial?

Depending on condition, value may be $300-450. Age can be determined from a 2 or 3 LETTER code on the barrel- left side, just in front of the reciever. The Remington Collector's website has a chart showing month/year using the letter codes. Google search Remington BLACKPOWDERX for the chart.

What is 760 divided by 35?


Can a .35 Remington kill an elk?

With a heart, spine, or lung shot, a .35 Remington will kill an elk. Load it with 275 grain bullets. With leverevolution powder from Hornady, a .35 Remington is much more adequate than you need it for elk.

What is the difference between the .35 Remington and the .35 Whelen?

In very, very, very, very, general terms, the 35 Whelen is a necked up 30/06 and the 35 Remington is a necked up 30/30.