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100-450 USD

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Q: What is the value of a Remington model 760 gamemaster .35 Rem?
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What is it worth Remington gamemaster model 760 300 savage serial 230694?

what is a Remington 760 300 savage worth it is a gamemaster

What is the value of 1950's Remington 30-06 gamemaster model 760 rifle?


What is the value of a Remington model 760 gamemaster serial 29301?

100-435 USD or so

How much is your Remington 760 Gamemaster 300 savage worth?

how much is my remington 760 gamemaster 300 savage worth

What co made a pump action 30-06?

Remington Model 760 Gamemaster.

What is the value of a 760 Remington 30.06 with a maverick 3-9 scope?

what is the value of a 760 Remington gamemaster 30/06 with a maverick 3-9 scope. How old is this rifle?

What is the value of a Remington 760 gamemaster 6mm?

i think it rare but not sure but could be $1500 top

When was the Remington gamemaster model 760 30-06 manufactured?

The 30-06 appears to have been one of the few calibers in this model that made it thru the complete life cycle of the 760 Gamemaster, which was fron 1952 to 1980.

How much is your 35 cal gamemaster worth?

Depending on exact model and condition, your Remington Mdl 760 Gamemaster is worth about $400. More or less.

How many bullets does a Remington gamemaster 30-06 hold?

I think your Remington Model 760 (there were other models also called Gamemaster, but not in 30-06) has a magazine capacity of 4 cartridges.

What is value of Remington 760 gamemaster 243?

the value is anywhere from $500 to $700. i own one and i wouldn't trade it for anything

Does Remington make a recoil pad for a 760 gamemaster?

No, they do not. I called the company directly and they recommended a grind to fit model.