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100-435 USD or so

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2009-07-14 01:13:30
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Q: What is the value of a Remington model 760 gamemaster serial 29301?
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What is it worth Remington gamemaster model 760 300 savage serial 230694?

what is a Remington 760 300 savage worth it is a gamemaster

How old is Remington 12ga shotgun serial How old is my Remington 12ga shotgun serial?

i have 2 Remington model 141, carbine serial #c 69757 and a 141 gamemaster serial #25543. what are the production dates and how many were produced?

What year is a Remington model 14 gamemaster serial 127587?

This is a late gun based on the serial, after at least 1930 so it's date code stamped on the barrel see related links.

What co made a pump action 30-06?

Remington Model 760 Gamemaster.

What is the value of a Remington model 760 gamemaster .35 Rem?

100-450 USD

What is the value of a Remington 150 anniversary edition 1816 to 1966 gamemaster model 760 30-06 pump serial number 471761?

100-500 USD

How many bullets does a Remington gamemaster 30-06 hold?

I think your Remington Model 760 (there were other models also called Gamemaster, but not in 30-06) has a magazine capacity of 4 cartridges.

How much is your 35 cal gamemaster worth?

Depending on exact model and condition, your Remington Mdl 760 Gamemaster is worth about $400. More or less.

What is the value of 1950's Remington 30-06 gamemaster model 760 rifle?


How old is gamemaster 141 serial 33184?

The remington model 141 gamemaster was made from 1936-1950.There should be a 2 letter code on the left side of the barrel ahead of the receiver.If you look up remington society of america,s website and match that 2 letter code to there list it will give you the year of manufacture.

How old is a model 760 gamemaster 308 serial?

With serial 308, first year production 1952 will be date code stamped on the left side of barrel in front of receiver, check Remington society for chart. If IN 308, 1957.

What is the age of a Remington gamemaster model 760?

You can tell the year by looking at the Manufactured Date information on the Remington Society of America - see related links.

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