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yes. it's about as safe as smoking new weed, out of your bag. but it won't get you nearly as high. THC the active chemical in pot has a very low burning point. It pretty much gets all burned up as soon as you touch the lighter to the weed. (thats why a vaporizer set to the proper temp. leaves your herbs green and not black)so smoking all that gross black stuff after you've filtered it out of the bong water and dried it all out is going to be a big waste of time

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Q: Is it safe to smoke old weed out of bong water?
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Does a bong take the addictive stuff out of weed?

There is no addictive drug in weed. A water pipe or bong only cools the smoke and filters the ash and some tiny particles from it as well.

I want to know what exactly do you put inside the bong to smoke i dont get it. is it water or do you just drop weed in there?

water or any other drink you want, and even ice to make the smoke even cooler. you put the weed in the bowl on the end of the pipe wich leads to the water inside the bong, then you suck the smoke out of the top.

How can i get the most high?

Smoke a tonn of weed at a time, with a Gravity Bong

What are some impacts that African Americans had on thechnology?

Use of a chemical flask to make a water bong to smoke weed. (pretty creative) jk

What is better to use an apple to smoke out of or other weed pieces?

get a pipe, bong, steamroller, gravity bong, zong, zig zags, blunt wraps. there are many different ways to smoke it.

Is it safe to smoke fake weed?


Is it safe to smoke weed after thyroidectomy?

No it is not

What happens when you drink the bong water?

The bong water is not only meant to cool the smoke, but also it catches other carcinogens (not even harmful, but not healthy of course). Contrary to popular belief that it gets you higher, it doesn't. Drinking the bong water just puts all the carcinogens that were caught in the water into your body.

How should you smoke weed?

depending on your resources or friends you can either try rolling a joint but if your new to or trying to smoke then smoke out of a pipe or bong, i like bongs because the smoke gets filtered by the water in the bong but if you don't like big tokes of weed because you dont want to cough that much than i would say stick with the pipe or joint and if you cant roll than have someone you know is good at rolling and have him roll you one and smoke it with him, you know. Share The Love

Can you use tequila as weed bong water?

It gets you drunk! :P

Is it safe to smoke Adderall with weed?

Yes,but its better to smoke then pop it.

In any way is smoking weed good?

Look on youtube for Homemade Water Bong, VERY easy to make VERY good to smoke out of.. doesnt use alot of weed and you get really high off one hit.