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If by "dirty" you mean high, it's possible. If you just smell the smoke but it isn't close to you then nothing will happen. If you're close to it and the smoke is in you're face then you might get a second hand or "contact high"

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Q: Do you get dirty if you smell the weed smoke?
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Can you get a dirty urine by smelling unburned weed?

No, unburned weed does not smell like that.

Why do so many people smoke weed if it smells absolutely repulsively disgusting?

People that smoke "weed" don't smoke it for the smell of the smoke, they smoke it for the effect it has on them.

Can you cover the smell of weed on your breath?

The smell of cigarette smoke will always overpower the smell of marijuana smoke. Or you could just chew gum or eat breath mints.

Can weed get in your system by smelling it?

No. A smell is just a smell. It will only be in your system of you inhale the smoke or vapor or if you eat it.

If you do not smoke weed but you are around it will you drop a dirty?

You could show up positive in the testing. Second hand smoke can get into your system.

Can you piss test dirty smelling weed in a car?

If there was second hand smoke and you breathed it in, yes.

Will weed smell if it's just in my room and I don't smoke it there?

Not unless it isn't in a sealed baggie.

How can you tell weed is weed?

from the smell. weed has a interesting smell to it. there many kind of weed but smell interesting

Who smoke your weed?

You smoke my weed!

Could your breath start to smell like weed if you hang around someone who smokes it?

No. Your breath will only smell like it if you smoke it directly.

Can your breath smell like weed if you don't smoke it?

yes it can, often second hand smoke can make someone, and their breath if standing close enough to a person, smell like smoke to the point where you would smell like a smoker especially if you are around people who smoke fairly often

Can people smell weed if you smoke on the top floor?

Yes, but probably only if they're on the top floor with you.