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from the smell. weed has a interesting smell to it. there many kind of weed but smell interesting

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Q: How can you tell weed is weed?
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What do you do if a friend under 18 is on weed?

smack them across the face and tell them to get off of weed

How can you tell how much THC is in weed?

This is stupid question as THC only comes from weed and it depends entirely on the type of weed and how its grown

Can anyone tell if you smoked weed?


What does toluache weed mean?

Tell me the answer you dume people

How do you measure weed without a scale?

If you are good with it you can just tell by feel. Or you can tell by looks.

How do you tell if weed is laced?

if weed is laced, the dealer usually tells you because it wastes money to lace it and not make you pay more for it.

How to deal with a friend that is a drug addict?

Depends on what they are doing, if it weed then you can tell them its you or weed but they cant have both (weed is not adicitve) but if it is something harder like coke or heroin then try to get them professional help.

What should i do if my friend smokes weed with my older sister?

Tell your parents.

What is the number to legalize weed?

911. Call them, and tell them you have it. They'll help you.

How do you tell if weed is kush?

it will look brown and it will be dry as it can be the dryer it is the batter its is

Prison for weed?

Yepp. You get locked up for that. I cant tell you how long though, because it depends on how much weed you get caught with, you knoww. ~samantha. (:

What did george tell the boss that he and liennie were doing in weed?

He lied to the man, he said the job was done, but what really happened was that Lennie got them kicked out of Weed