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If you inhale the smoke then yes.

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Q: Can you get a contact high from sitting in a room with weed smoke?
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What is an example of a sentence using the word acrid?

This room has an acrid odor.

What is the difference between smoke and fume?

Smoke is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. Fumes are the gaseous form of a substance that is solid at room temperature.

Does inhaling secondhand meth smoke get you high?

The question should rephrased to "CAN it get you high?", because it depends on how much you inhale. If you're wondering if the secondhand smoke still has meth in it, the answer is YES! That's one of the reasons people sometimes do what is called "shotgunning", which involves one person taking a hit from their meth pipe and then exhaling it into the mouth of the second person, who inhales that and then exhales THEIR smoke into the first person. This gets repeated until no smoke comes out. So whether you inhale the smoke directly from the first smoker or you just inhale the fumes wafting about the room, whatever you inhale has meth in it. Do that long enough and you'll get high without technically saying you smoked anything. Purposely keeping the room closed (or often a car) so that one can continuously inhale the second-hand smoke of any drug is also known as "hot boxing". A famous example of this depicted in a movie is when Sean Penn opens the door to his van in the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

What is gold state of matter at room temperature?

It is a solid at room temperature. at room temp its solid. Think you've got gold jewelery that doesnt melt or anything when just sitting on the shelf, so its solid.

Which metal has a high density and is a liquid at room temperature?


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What is it called when you are sitting in a room full of smoke from weed?


If you are sitting in another room from where people are smoking marijauna can you still get high?

No way. The THC gets absorbed in the smokers lungs, then the waste is exhaled. The smoke coming from the joint or pipe, isn't enough to get you high, ESPECIALLY if your in another whole room

Can you get get high sitting in the same room with another individual who is smoking marijuana?

I do not think it is possible to get that "high" feeling,but you can be sure of one thing,stay away from those people.The smoke can get inhaled into your lungs,and that basically screws you up.

What is the spanish for sitting room?

Sitting room - salón

Can someone not smoking but in the same room get a contact high?


Is there really such thing as contact high?

...Well, not really No. If you're in a very small room with a LOT of smoke for a few hours then you might feel some effects, but the smoke would have to be fog thick and the room would have to be unventilated. But in most cases the concentrations just aren't high enough.In 99% of cases it's nothing but another lie they tell people to scare them away from drugs and drug users.

This is a situationthe room where you sitting is not well aerated.?

the room where you are sitting is not well aerated

What is the German word for sitting room?

The German word for sitting room is Wohnzimmer (lit. living room)

Can you fail a drug test from inhaling second hand marijuana smoke for 3 hours?

Most likely not, unless you were sitting in a room the size of an ice machine.

What do you have in a house?

a room a sitting room a kitchen

If you have not smoke in a couple of years and was in the room will it show up in your drug test?

No! You do not get high off peoples weed when there in the same room as you. People always think that.

When was The Bed-Sitting Room - film - created?

The Bed-Sitting Room - film - was created in 1969-06.