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Q: Can someone not smoking but in the same room get a contact high?
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Can dogs get high off THC?

I once ate marijuana brownies . And yes i got high ..... As for a pet ..? Well if they are in the room while someone is smoking marijuama they get contact ... So eating it would probley , get them pretty stoned

Can you get seizures if someone is smoking crack in the room while you are there?


Can crack affect you if someone else is smoking in the same room?


If you are in the room when someone is smoking does that get in your system and how long does it stay in your system?

Unless the room is a total smoke screen the marijuana wont even register on a urine or blood test. The only way it sill get into your system is if you have direct contact. (i.e. you smoking the marijuana yourself)

What is the duration of The Smoking Room?

The duration of The Smoking Room is 1740.0 seconds.

When did The Smoking Room end?

The Smoking Room ended on 2005-09-13.

When was The Smoking Room created?

The Smoking Room was created on 2004-06-29.

What facilities were the 3rd classes allowed to use on the Titanic?

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Can you get a contact high from sitting in a room with weed smoke?

If you inhale the smoke then yes.

How long does it take for urine to test dirty after kissing someone that takes drug?

it isnt possible for one to test positive for drugs after kissing someone that has done them.. unless you were in the room as they were smoking marijuana, in which case you would test positive for a second-hand high.

What is a cabana room?

Cigar smoking room

Where are there hotels in Amsterdam that have smoking room?

Most hostels have a smoking room. Hotels the vijaya has a smoking room. The hotel de laterne and old nickel you are allowed to smoke in the bedrooms.