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It is never really "safe" to have intercourse without contraception if you do not want to get pregnant because it is possible to conceive at any time during your monthly cycle - even during menstruation.

Some days can be more "safe" than others but without knowing your own particular cycle, such as when you normally ovulate, you cannot know which the safer days are so, to be really "safe", you should always use contraception whatever the day.

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Q: Is it safe to have intercourse 5 days before and after your period?
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Is it safe to have intercourse 7 days before and after your period?

Yes it is safe

Is it safe to have intercourse 3 days before the period?

No, how do you know when your period is going to start?

Is it safe to have intercourse 2 days before and after your period?

yes it is more than safe but if you have medicak probs ask heésge first

Is it safe to intercourse before 12 days of period?

If you want to avoid pregnancy, then you need to know when you ovulate to know when the 'safe' days are. But typically, 12 days before your period would not be safe, as the luteal phase (the time after you ovulate until your period begins) is 10 to 14 (or more) days long, for a normal cycle. Thus, 12 days may put you in your most fertile period.

How do you calculate your safe period?

Safe period is not a continuous period in menstrual cycle. We know a woman is fertile only in the ovulatory period, and infertile in other days. And she can not has sexual intercourse in the menstrual period when she's bleeding. So the days in a menstrual cycle except menstrual period and ovulatory period is safe period. In safe period, a woman could has sexual intercourse and almost no chance to be pregnant. But it is not very reliable method for contraception because we cannot predict the next ovulation time precisely. Now we consider the first bleeding day as the first day of menstrual cycle. The days before the 7th day is very safe for contraception. If a woman stopped bleeding in 5 days, she has 2 days to have sexual intercourse without condom. And the last 4 to 5 days are also very safe. You could choose these days in safe period to avoid pregnancy. I suggest you user some software or online safe period calculator.

Is it safe to have intercourse 9 days before your periods?

It is possible to get pregnant at any time. 9 days before your period, you are very fertile. Make sure you use protection unless you are trying to get pregnant

Is it safe to have intercourse 6 days after your period?

Only if you use protection. It's possible to get pregnant at any time.

What is the safe time for intercourse to avoid pregnancy?

You have your ovulation on day 14 of your menses, if you have a cycle of 28 days. You have your ovulation on day 16 when you have a cycle of 30 days. Three days before and after this date are called as safe period. In this danger period, you have to use condom or some other method of contraception to avoid pregnancy.

What is the Safe period without condom?

3 days before your period and 3 days after. some people do 5 days

Is it safe 9 days after menstruation?

If you mean sexual intercourse then it's unwise to rely on any so-called safe period. Get proper contraception.

What are the safe days for intercourse?

You're never safe from getting pregnant. True, at some moments during your period it's a little less likely, but you're never a 100% safe.

Is it safe to have intercourse the day that follows the end of your period?


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