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It is safe at any time, but do you ask in respect of falling pregnant?

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Q: Is it safe to have intercourse on the 5th day of period?
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Is it safe to have intercourse the day that follows the end of your period?


Intercourse on next day after the mensturation ends safe?

i have an intercourse for the 4,5times in a day at my 5th day of worried wil i get pregnant please help me soon waiting for reply

You had intercourse the day before your ovulating day is it possible you could become pregnant?

Yes, safe period aren't safe only periods of varying probability. Out of couples relying on safe periods a full 19% gets pregnant during the first year.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant if the first day of your last period was July 5th and you had intercourse July 13th and July 21st?

not very high but you can if you keep on tring.

Spotting after period?

I've just got done with my period a week ago, but i had intercourse the day before my last day of my period and then a week later i had intercourse again..the next day i startiung apotting and the day after i was spotting a little more heavier...whats the meaning to this?

If am getting a conception date but didnt have intercourse on that day will it still be a conception date of the 15th day after your period?

Yes. It should be. You might have intercourse day or two before the date of conception. The ovulation might have taken place on the day 15th of your period.

Is it safe to have intercourse on 12th day?

Only if you are trying to conceive. Most women ovulate between day 12 and day 18 - sperm can survive five days to a week after intercourse.

You had intercourse a day before your period could you be pregnant?

It is possible, but extremely unlikely.

In islam can we do intercourse on 5 th day of periods?

Whether or not you can have intercourse on the 5th day of periods depends on if the woman is finished with it and has taken a bath. If she is no longer menstruating then yes but if she still is then no.

Will i get pregnant if i had intercourse on the last day of my menstrual period?

Yes, it's very possible.

You and your boy friend had an intercourse in the afternoon infact it wasnt really an intercourse it was in for 2 or 4 seconds he couldnot stay in due to pain and on the same day evening i had period?

differant steps of intercourse?

If your monthly period starts in your marriage day shall you go for intercourse?

Yes, and the guy will love you for it