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2009-05-31 00:51:46
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Q: Is it normal to have sore breasts during puberty?
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Are you supposed to have a lump in both your breasts during puberty?

During the early stages of puberty, it is normal for developing girls to have a lump in each breast. These are breast buds and will develop into mature breasts. It is also normal for them to be sore.

Do the breasts pain in boys during puberty?

They can become sore and painful during puberty. If they are troubling you then seek medical advice from your Doctor.

Is it normal for a boy nipples not to be sore during puberty?

Yes it is perfectly normal. In fact if they are sore then it is a cause for concern

Is extremely sore breasts during early pregnancy normal?

yes, very normal

What does mean when you have sore nipples?

When you have sore nipples, it means that your breasts are developing, or you are at puberty.

My breasts and nipples are sore to the touch is this normal its 2 weeks before my period?

Actually yes. As a guy, suprizing or not,Iv`e read about puberty & periods & breasts. It`s very normal.

Why have you not had sore breasts before?

You haven't started puberty yet!

Why are your breasts sore?

Your boobs are sore because your still in puberty and they're STILL growing so they might be sore..ITS OK its normal for them to be that way! but also your boobs can be sore if you are but i would only worry about that if you are sexualy active

Sore breasts after period?

its normal

I am a young girl breasts hurt why?

if you have entered puberty, your breasts will usually be sore from time to time

Is it normal for a 12 year old to have sore breasts before they are on their period?

Yes, it is completely normal. Hard nipples, lumps under the nipples, and soreness are normal parts of puberty. If it's sore enough to be a problem, you can always see a doctor.

Do your breasts get sore during pregnancy?


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