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Yes. As breasts grow, it is normal for them to be tender or a bit sore.

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Q: Can your breasts hurt if they are just growing?
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Does breasts hurt when the just start growing?

It can. While breasts are developing and growing, they can be tender and sore, and that is perfectly normal.

Breasts hurt what does this mean?

Are they growing?

Why do breasts hurt?

because they are growing

Why do your breasts hurt?

There growing, or your hormones are at a high level.

Why does breasts hurt?

Your period may beggining or they are growing

How do you know when your breasts grow?

When your breasts grow, you will get a knot or lump in the middle of your nipple. If you hit it on a wall or desk, or anywhere really, it will hurt extremely. Even if they just hurt for no reason, they are growing.

What are signs your breasts are growing?

Your breasts begin to hurt in that area and you can see the area a little red.

How come your breasts hurt?

there growing or u have something wrong with u

Do breasts hurt when they get bigger naturally?

When breasts start to grow and until they have stopped growing it can hurt in both nipples and breasts. Nipples get more sensitive but it all passes eventually.

Why does it hurt when your breasts are growing?

The muscles naturally are sensitive. This can make it painful to touch or move or put pressure on them. It is totally normal for them to hurt a little while growing.

What does it mean if only one of your breasts hurt?

It mean they are growing or your monthly cycle coming

What does it mean if your nipples hurt?

If your nipples hurt or you have tender breasts it just means that your boobs are growing and you are getting ready to start your period or have your next period, in other words it is perfectly normal.

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