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That depends on what you watch. The most damaging thing on YouTube is usually the comments section. Using a script-blocking plug-in (like NoScript for Firefox) and a malicious page blocking service (like WOT for Firefox) makes browsing safer in general though.

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Q: Is having a YouTube account safe?
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Will having a YouTube account affect your computer?

No, having a YouTube account will not affect your computer in any negative way.

Can you subscribe to a YouTube account without a YouTube account?

No. Sort of, depending on what you mean by Account. You can actually subscribe before having a user Channel. But there is a difference between having a Channel, and having an Account.

Can you get in trouble for lying on a YouTube account?

Yes, you can. The harshest penalty available is being banned from having an account on Youtube.

Is commenting on YouTube free?

Yes. Commenting on YouTube is free. All you have to do is having an account.

How do you post a comment on youtube without an account?

It is not possible to post a comment on YouTube without an account. Posting comments on Youtube is a prvilege you get with having a YouTube account as this also attempts to deter potential mass spammers and cyberbullies.

Is there any tricks that come with a YouTube account?

No but you have to design it by yourself. %100 Free and safe

Is there a fee for having an YouTube account?

No, there is not a charge. You can sign up for free, or just watch videos on your own without an account. :]

Do you need to make videos to have a YouTube account?

No. Having a youtube account is actually to upload videos and video chat with other friends.But a youtube accoint can give you the freedom of choosing your fav. videos also.

Can you get money from having a YouTube account?

Yes, if you get famous enough and people WANT to pay you to do more

When having a Youtube account do you have to upload videos?

No, you don't have to. You can use it to subscribe, comment and make playlists.

What is lesley Pattersons YouTube account?


Does Shailene Woodley have a YouTube account?

No, she does not have a YouTube account.