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you have to delete your email account to delete your YouTube channel. and you have to delete your youtube account too.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-03 00:17:03
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Q: How do you delete a YouTube channel?
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Is it possible to change your username on YouTube?

it isnt possible to delete ur youtube username but u can change youtube channel name and visit my youtube channel

Why did the Janoskians delete their Halloween video from their channel on Youtube?

cuh dey wanted to, got a problem?

Why do your comments still appear on others' YouTube channels if you deleted your YouTube account?

When you delete your YouTube account, it just deletes your channel (and videos, if you have any).Comments do not disappear from videos and Channels.

How do you delete subscriptions from your YouTube account?

Go on that persons channel. Click edit subscription. Select the option unsubscribe and click save

How do you close a YouTube Account?

Go on to the account settings, then on overview click advanced under your name and there will be button saying delete channel

Can you delete a YouTube group that you have made?

can you delete a youtube group that you have made?no: when you make it you cannot delete the group.when you made it,that means that you commit to that group.~creator of YOUtube!

Answer when you delete your YouTube account can YouTube delete your playlists if so when will they delete them?

When you delete your account, it deletes all of your videos. Therefore, your playlists are deleted, too.

Can you delete other person's video?

No. Only the uploader or the Youtube service can delete a Youtube video.

Are parents able to look at your iPods YouTube history after you delete it?

If you delete the YouTube history, your parents cannot see what you viewed on YouTube.

Is it true that YouTube made their own official YouTube channel?

yes, youtube made their own official channel. instead of youtube broadcast yourself its youtube broadcast OUR selfves. get it? kind of funny isn't it? so yeah youtube made their own channel.

do you have a youtube channel?

yes i have a youtube channel. youtube channel helps in different ways more especially to make a living.just create a channel and look here how you can earn a living see th picture (remove dot and space) check see how you can use youtube to monetise your channel

How do you remove uploaded video in YouTube?

Click on your YouTube channel name on the upper-right corner on the page then click "Video Manager" and tick the video(s) that you want to delete and click on "Actions" above all your videos then click "Delete". This is super easy! Hope I helped! :)

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