How do you get YouTube back?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Remake a YouTube account.

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Q: How do you get YouTube back?
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How do you confirm YouTube account?

Check your email then go back to youtube

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She is now back thanks to her boyfriend (Garry Sitarski, forest242 from youtube) She has a new youtube channel, anewhopeee.

How do you take a YouTube and make it your own then post it back on YouTube?

What Do You Mean I'm a Expert On Youtube I CAN Help You Just Explain it More.

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How do you get youtube back on your iPod after your mom blocked it?

Got to settings>general>restrictions then unlock YouTube! :)

Can you get back song you deleted from shazam?

If you played the song on YouTube shortly after you shazamed - it might still be on your YouTube history list

Get the old YouTube back and not the 2010 one?

get an old computer

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Go to youtube and type in How To Do A Backhandspring.

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I believe it was the Parody of the pokemon theme song which was removed from YouTube due to copyright. There was a YouTube user who was able to bring it back his username is andii2000

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yes, no well there was but now they closed their acount and they are gone they were my best friends on youtube and that's sad that people hurt their feelings and they closed their acount! if you read this lexandbrit plz come back on youtube people miss you everyones making videos about you and i am going to make one plz come back you were my first friend on youtube!