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no. The best symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness.

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Q: Is excessive hunger and salivation signs of early pregnancy?
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Is excessive hunger and thirst common during early pregnancy?


Is hunger an early sign of pregnancy?

Not necessarily, it's hard to say. Hunger is usually not a symptom.

Excessive saliva during pregnancy?

"Some women feel as though they're salivating more than usual during pregnancy, especially when they're nauseated. A few women have so much saliva they end up needing to spit to deal with it. Excessive salivation is called ptyalism or sialorrhea and is more common among women suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness. Experts don't know what causes some women to have excessive salivation in early pregnancy, but hormonal changes may be a culprit. Also, nausea might make some women try to swallow less, causing saliva to build up in the mouth." from the babycenter

Is constant hunger an early sign of pregnancy?

yes - I had constant strong hunger in the days leading up to my period, and then I found out I was pregnant ;)

Is salivation and extreme hunger common signs of early pregnancy?

Well it depends on what you eat a you haven't eated peanut butter a lot but now you do...its weard I know....we call it a craving by the way do you think your pregnant?you get allot of your breasts hurts?that's the main simptom..

Can drinking excessive Coca-Cola in early pregnancy cause any harm?

well i don't think so

What are signs for early stages of pregnancy?

Some early signs of pregnancy are: feeling bloated, nausea, vomitting, increased hunger, etc. If you have missed your period, and think you may be pregnant get a home pregnancy test there are several for early detection. Also, please don't have an abortion many people would love your baby.

Can one time brown discharge then every day after that with slight cramping and excessive discharge be a sign of very early pregnancy?

no you have gonorreah

Is excessive vaginal discharge an early sign of pregnancy?

Yes, an increase in vaginal discharge in early pregnancy it attributed to the formation of the mucus plug. Increased vaginal discharge could also mean a yeast infection too - don't be alarmed, just visit your doctor. I'm 18 and recently have had excessive discharge, but it was only a bacterial infection!

Is spotting normal in pregnancy?

Yes & no. Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy that is red & accompanied with excessive cramping is a indication of a threatened miscarriage. However during early pregnancy spotting is very common but you should still report it to your doctor to be on the safe side.

Is clear urination an early sign of pregnancy?

No, clear urination is not an early sign of pregnancy. The only possible early signs are missed period, tender breasts, maybe moodiness and/or excessive sleepiness. The only way to be sure is to take a urine home test/or a Dr. office urine test, or a blood test.

Is a UTI an early pregnancy sign?

Frequent urination can be an early symptom of pregnancy, but a UTI isnt' an early pregnancy sign.

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