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I have had a madly itchy scalp for the last 6 weeks and I am up to week 12 week of my pregnancy. I feel like pulling my hair out...

I suggest get a pregnancy test quick!

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Q: Is An itchy Scalp A Sign Of Pregnancy?
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Is itchy nipples sign of pregnancy?

Yes! it is a good sign! and its also normal in the pregnancy.

Is itchy face a sign of pregnancy?

I'd have to say a missed period or a positive pregnancy test would be a better indication of pregnancy. An itchy face is just an old wive's tale.

Is itchy breast a sign of pregnancy?

No. You may have a rash or yeast infection under the Breast.

What are the causes of an itchy scalp and what is the best cure for an itchy scalp?

Nits? Is that an answer or a question. There could be a hundred causes but the most common causes are oily scalp, not clean, dry scalp, dandruff. The list goes on and on. If you can;t seem to get it under control, you should see a dermatologist.

What are some symptoms of head lice?

Itchy scalp

What can happen if you start scratching your scalp too much?

your skelp will keep getting itchy and more itchy and it wont stop being itchy.

Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp?

An itchy scalp can be a nightmare. Waking up at night, digging at the scalp, scratching during the day and being miserable can drive anyone to scream. There are remedies available at doctor's offices, depending on what is causing the itch. Some are expensive, and doctor's office visits are not cheap. Insurance companies might not pay for an itchy scalp. Here are home remedies for itchy scalp, they are worth giving a try. If nothing works, the doctor is always open.

Can a dry itchy scalp cause hair thinning?

It can in extreme cases. If you are male it might be male pattern baldness. Best thing to do is to go to your doctor to see why your scalp is itchy.

Head and shoulders shampoo?

I love Head and Shoulders Shampoo. I stopped using it because well it worked!! Then my scalp got itchy again and so i bought it again and it worked! Tired of itchy scalp? Its important to keep your scalp healthy:)

Is itchy breast off and on a sign of pregnancy?

No, but if you have loss of appitite and a longer period with itchy breasts go talk to your docter you may infact be pregnant. NOTE:do NOT take in home prgnancy tests their not accurate.

What does it mean when your boobs are always itchy?

it means that you are either close to your period or you are ready to have sex and you are feeling Horne it could mean a sign of pregnancy.

What is dermosupril desonida 1 percent cream used to treat?

itchy scalp