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Yes! it is a good sign! and its also normal in the pregnancy.

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Q: Is itchy nipples sign of pregnancy?
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Are frequent urination and and sore itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?


What causes itchy nipples?

Pregnancy cause itchy nipples

Are itchy sore nipples a sign of being pregnant?

Yes, as well as a sign that your period is coming soon but yes, it is a sign of pregnancy.

Are itchy nipples due to pregnancy?

no why do you ask

Are itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Is an itchy stomach a sign of pregnancy?


If your nipples are itchy and seem like they have changed around the nipple area is that a sign of being pregnant?

It can be a sign of pregnancy. The only way to confirm this is to wait until you are late on your period and then take a home pregnancy test.

Is discharge for nipples a sign of pregnancy?


Are sore itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?

They can be. Here are some personal experiences:I had EXTREMELY itchy nipples with my first pregnancy, before I even knew that I was pregnant. I am ttc no. 4, and have itchiness in the left nipple.I had itchy nipples and/or breasts during both pregnancies from two days after ovulating until I miscarried on the first or delivered my baby on the second. I have only had itchy nipples otherwise while trying to conceive (and there's evidence I was having an implant problem) or when I had thrush when I was breastfeeding. You could also have nipple eczema or thrush but you'd probably have a noticeable reddness or cracked nipples.

Your nipples are sensitive could that mean is a sign of pregnancy?

No at pregnancy the nipples become hard not tender.

Why do you have itchy nipples?

because the nipples have nerves like everything else it also can be a sign of breast growth

Is an itchy abdomen a sign of pregnancy?

Indeed :)

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