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No, but if you have loss of appitite and a longer period with itchy breasts go talk to your docter you may infact be pregnant. NOTE:do NOT take in home prgnancy tests their not accurate.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-21 23:22:26
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Q: Is itchy breast off and on a sign of pregnancy?
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Why do you have pain around or on belly button is this a sign of pregnancy?

No it is not a sign off pregnancy but if you really want to know test yourself it doesn't hurt to know

How long does it take till you get your first sign off pregnancy?

It depends on when your next period is.If you miss a period then that's a sign.

If you always start your period on your 27th day but have been spotting brown off and on since the 25th day could this be a sign of pregnancy?

yes that is a sign

You know this may sound dumb but does pain to the touch in only one breast count as breast pain in the pregnancy sense?

First off, there is no such thing as a dumb question either here at Wiki Answers or anywhere else. Breast pain is breast pain - it makes no difference if it's one or both. However, whether or not it's pregnancy related can only be determined by a doctor.

If you do not ovalate does that mean your pregnant?

Not ovulating is sometimes a sign of pregnancy, but it isn't always. When a woman is just getting off of birth control, it causes lack of ovulation for several months. But, not ovulating can be a sign of pregnancy. Check with your doctor to be sure or take a home pregnancy test.

Cramps followed by diarrhea is this a sign off miscarriage?

Cramps followed by diarrhea can be a sign of an eptopic pregnancy so you should visit your doctor to let them check it out.

How do you get rid of a itchy scrot?

chop them off

Does your breast fall off when you have breast cancer?

No, but it might be taken off by an operation.

If i just got off my period and had unprotected sex 3 days later can cramping be a sign of early pregnancy?

or pms

When you cramp a week after your period go off can be a sign of pregnancy?

yes it can be also a slight pain in your left or right ovary

Is spotting when pregnant normal?

it depends on where you are in you pregnancy. at the start it is normal and at the end as it is a sign of labour. there should be nothing to worry about if its a one off with no pain, but as always with pregnancy its better to get checked out better safe then sorry!!!

CAN your dog go off its food in early pregnancy?

Yes. this i a good sign this is the same as the average human morning sickness, but this could also still be a false pregnancy, go to the vet for an ultra sound at about 30 days into the pregnancy he will be able to tell you

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