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The sugar pills are purely to keep you in the habit of taking a pill every day. As long as you take the pills containing hormones at the right time every day, you have a low chance of getting pregnant

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Q: If you skip the sugar pills in your birth control pack and start up a new pack can you have sex without a condom without getting pregnant?
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Not on birth control if you use a condom?

The only "birth control" that works 100 percent is Abstinence. But a condom will help prevent it, without a condom you have a low percent of not getting pregnant.

Can you have sexual intercourse without getting the girl pregnant?

sometimes, protect yourself, condom birth control

What is the probability of getting pregnant with no birth control or condom?


What is the probability of getting pregnant with birth control and a condom?

the probability is very small

How can you keep a girl from getting pregnant while using a condom?

A condom is good protection, but no birth control is 100% effective.

What is the chance of getting pregnant with your tubes clamped?

20 percent without condom

If you are on birth control and dont use a condom can you get pregnant?

If you take your pill everyday without missing any pills you are 99.5% protected from getting pregnant, but the pill has no protection from STI's.

What is the percentage of getting pregnant WITHOUT using any contraception?

There is no known percentage for definate. if you use a condom then there is roughly a 5% change of getting pregnant, where as if you use no protection or contraception, the risk is considerably high. if you dont want to become pregnant you may want to consider birth control, and also without a condom you run the risk or catching an STI or STD.

Am a married women and want to know how to avoid getting pregnant without using condom or take out his penis?

Birth control pills Don't have sex Diaphragm

Is there a change of getting pregnant while being on birth control and no condom used?

of course. the birth control pill is very effective if taken correctly. there is always room for human error, so yes there is a chance of getting pregnant while being on birth control and no condom use.

Could you get pregnant if the condom broke and I'm on birth control?

If you're using birth control correctly, chances are you won't become pregnant even if the condom broke.If sperm gets into the vagina there ALWAYS is some risk of getting pregnant. Birth control pills are only 98% effective.

When a lady has maximum chances of getting pregnant without a condom?

after the mences. day betwen 14 to 19.............

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