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If you take your pill everyday without missing any pills you are 99.5% protected from getting pregnant, but the pill has no protection from STI's.

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Q: If you are on birth control and dont use a condom can you get pregnant?
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What happens if you dont use an condom on the first month of birth control?

If you have sex without using some kind of birth control, then you'll get pregnant. It doesn't happen EVERY time, but if you continue to have sex without using some form of birth control, you WILL get pregnant. Use a condom. Every time, until you WANT to get pregnant.

If your on birth control can you get pregnant if your boyfriend is not using a condom?

I was pregnant and i didnt know about it. And usually birth control makes you bloat. Well come to find out i was pregnant. So dont ever let anyone tell you that birth control is 100% effective. it depends on your body and how your body reacs to the b/c. THanks Viktoria New Orleans

Can you be pregnant if intercourse is done after 19TH day of your period?

You can get pregnant any time. However, some form of birth control and a condom make pregnancy so low that you dont have to worry about it. I reccomend Yaz birth control pil if you aren't on something already.

What are the chances of getting pregnant in these circumstances Your on birth control but havent started your new pack yet and you had sex and the condom fell off inside of you but you dont know when?


What are all of the teen pregnancy solutions?

Dont have sex, or use condom, birth control ect

Will birth control kill the baby?

no it will only makes sure you dont get pregnant if you are pregnant and start taking birth control its doing nothing

Does birth control still work when you are on your period?

Yes but you dont get pregnant on your period even without birth control.

Is it likely that a girl will get pregnant if you dont come?

It is possible for a girl to become pregnant from pre-cum or small amounts of semen that escape from the penis before ejaculation. You should always use a condom or a form of birth control if you do not wish to become pregnant.

What is the percentage of getting pregnant WITHOUT using any contraception?

There is no known percentage for definate. if you use a condom then there is roughly a 5% change of getting pregnant, where as if you use no protection or contraception, the risk is considerably high. if you dont want to become pregnant you may want to consider birth control, and also without a condom you run the risk or catching an STI or STD.

How can you stop the birth control pill without getting pregnant they are getting me extremely depressed i dont want to take them anymore?

If you don't want to get pregnant, you can avoid having vaginal sex, you can use a condom, or you can find another method of birth control. There are many options, and I urge you to contact your health care provider to find out if switching to another pill may help.

When you dont follow up on your birth control can that prevent you from having kids?

If you don't continue to take your birth control, you may get pregnant. Not following up on your birth control will not lead to infertility.

Can you get pregnant since you dont have your appendix?

Yes, an appendix has nothing to do with fertility. If you are sexually active and not using birth control you can definitely get pregnant!