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I was pregnant and i didnt know about it. And usually birth control makes you bloat. Well come to find out i was pregnant. So dont ever let anyone tell you that Birth Control is 100% effective. it depends on your body and how your body reacs to the b/c.

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Q: If your on birth control can you get pregnant if your boyfriend is not using a condom?
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Can a woman get pregnant if her boyfriend did not use a condom and she is not on birth control?

well YEAH!!!!! that is known to happen

Can you be pregnant if you used a condom and your not on birth control?

yes because the condom could break

What should you do to not get pregnant?

Use a condom or birth control pills.

Not on birth control if you use a condom?

The only "birth control" that works 100 percent is Abstinence. But a condom will help prevent it, without a condom you have a low percent of not getting pregnant.

What is the probability of getting pregnant with no birth control or condom?


How can you not get pregnant but not using a condom?

Birth control pills are quite effective.

If I were on birth control should your boyfriend still need to wear a condom?

Birth control is only made to prevent pregnancy. Birth control does not prevent you from STI's/STD's. So if you are not in a monogamous relationship, meaning you or your sexual partner have intercourse with other people, then a condom should be worn to protect you and your partner. However, a condom is not necessary to prevent you from getting pregnant while on birth control, because if you birth control is taken everyday at the same time, you birth control is 99.99% effective. If you are sure that it is safe for your health to engage in sexual intercourse without a condom, then a condom is not necessary if you trust that your partner has no STD's.

What are the chances of you getting pregnant if your boyfriend is a heavy smoker drinker and pothead?

The same as anyone else's. If you do not wish to become pregnant always use a condom and/or a reliable form of birth control.

Can you get pregnant if you take birth control and your boyfriend ejaculated in you five times in one day with out a condom?

Taking birth control is the key here. As long as you have not missed taking any of the BCP you are 99.5% protected from pregnancy.

Could you get pregnant if the condom broke and I'm on birth control?

If you're using birth control correctly, chances are you won't become pregnant even if the condom broke.If sperm gets into the vagina there ALWAYS is some risk of getting pregnant. Birth control pills are only 98% effective.

What is the probability of getting pregnant with birth control and a condom?

the probability is very small

Can you get pregnant having protective sex when stopping the birth control?

yes, if you use a condom and it breaks you can get pregnant.

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