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There is no known percentage for definate. if you use a condom then there is roughly a 5% change of getting pregnant, where as if you use no protection or contraception, the risk is considerably high. if you dont want to become pregnant you may want to consider Birth Control, and also without a condom you run the risk or catching an STI or STD.

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Q: What is the percentage of getting pregnant WITHOUT using any contraception?
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Can tampons stop a girl from getting pregnant?

No, tampons do not stop a girl from getting pregnant. Tampons are a menstrualhygiene product, they are not a form of contraception.

What can you take to prevent from getting pregnant?

ConTraCeption ~Contraceptives!~ "Against Conceive(ing!)"

Does norethisterone stop you from getting pregnant?

No, it does not stop pregnancy. You are still at risk if you do not use contraception.

Why wont your sim get pregnant on sims 3 if you have the contraception thing?

It will, in fact, it gives you a greater chance of conception (getting pregnant)!

Can the implant stop you getting pregnant?

The contraceptive implant is one of the most effective methods of reversible contraception. You can get pregnant right after removal.

What birth controls can be used as contraception?

Contraception is defined as methods or devices used to avoid getting pregnant. Birth control means the same thing. Therefore, all birth control methods are used for contraception.

What is the word for protection from getting pregnant?

Contraception (i.e. Birth control, IUD, IUC, vaginal foam)

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are taking Yaz and implanon?

It is extremely rare to get pregnant on the contraceptive implant. It is one of the most effective methods of reversible contraception.

How soon you can become pregnant after getting off from Nuva Ring?

85% of couples having vaginal sex without birth control get pregnant within a year. This number is the same for couples who have never used hormonal contraception, and those who have used hormonal contraception like Nuva Ring. Nuva Ring does not impact future fertility.

You have had a tubal with clamps and was wondering what percentage you have of getting pregnant?

If you had bilateral tubal ligation, there is 100% chance of not getting pregnant.

What is the percentage of me getting pregnant after getting my tubes tied?

very, very small.

What percentage is there of getting pregnant your first time?

The percentage is the same as if you have had sex 400 times.

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