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Make sure she is on Birth Control, but this does not protect either of you against STD's.

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Q: How can you not get a girl pregnant without using a condom?
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If you are 13 what are the chances of getting pregnant without using a condom?

It depends if the boy can ejaculate and the girl has started her started periods.

Can a teenage girl get pregnant on her cycle but the boy is using a condom?

Yes. The condom could malfunction.

Can a girl get pregnant when cherry was just popped?

If she has sex without insisting on a condom - YES !

When the girl get pregnant?

Well to get pregnant you have to have sex with out s condom

Csn you get pregnant your first time without a condom?

If you reach climax and sperm gets into the girl, there is a chance of pregnancy.

What are the odds of getting a girl pregnant while using a spermicidal condom only leaking pre-ejaculate into the condom and pulling out while ejaculating Girl has been on the pill for a week?

The odds are definitly against. The world would be without humans in only a generation or two if everybody got their girls pregnant that way. I would say you are pretty safe.

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom falls out in her but you pull out?


Can you get a girl pregnant if the sperm goes up HER V?

Yes. That is precisely how a girl gets pregnant. Use a condom.

Is there a possibility of getting a girl pregnant if you use a condom and pull out in the end and if you knew the condom was sturdy?

there could be a possibility but it is very much rare to get her pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant after her period if a boy used a condom and didn't ejacuate in her?


Where can you stick it in a girl and not get her pregnant?

but or mouth. umm... ever heard of a condom?

Does a girl gets pregnant if she has an intercourse at the first day of her period with a condom?

yes you can get pregnant if you have sex before or at the begining of your period you can get pregnant at anytime. with a condom you have a better chance of protection against pregnancy and diseases but it doesnt mean you wont get pregnant. theres always a chance you can get pregnant with a condom