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You'll lose weight only one way: expend more energy than you take in. Two basic ways: 1) more activity (expend energy), such as walking, aerobics, rowing, jogging; and 2) eat less fat and oil. If you stick with lean meat (chicken, some beef, turkey, fish), vegetables (especially green and orange), fruits, low-fat grains (like pasta without butter), and low-fat or skim dairy products, you'll have a better time of it than starving. Your height and weight have very little to do with your caloric intake. A moderately-active person can take in 1500 calories and still lose weight. We burn about 1200 calories a day just being alive! Remember, carbs get burned first, then protein, then fat, so read the ingredients and check for fat and oil content. In our society, 0g of fat is impossible. Just try to keep it minimal. Water weight is not a problem unless you take in too much salt. Follow these simple guidelines (if you will) and you'll be losing weight in no time. And remember: Do Not Obess Over Losing Weight.

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Q: If you are 5ft 3in weigh 125 lbs and want to lose 10 lbs how many calories should you have a day?
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