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If you had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. You are highly fertile after birth and breastfeeding does not protect you. You should've gotten your period back a long time ago. You need to see a doctor.

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Q: I gave birth 20 sept breastfeed for 3 weeks no period yet did 5 pregnant test 2 neg 2post 1 blood test neg tummy is hard feels the same when i was pregnant?
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Will birth control force you to get your period even when you're pregnant?

No it will not. If you become pregnant, you will most likey not get a period, even if you are on birth control.

How long after giving birth is normal for your period to return if you have breastfeed and had implanon implant?

Both breastfeeding and the contraceptive implant can prevent bleeding.

If you breastfeed your 3 month-old baby 95 percent of the time and haven't started your period since the birth of the baby can you get pregnant after numerous times of unprotected sex?

Most definitely. It is a common myth that you can't get pregnant when breastfeeding. However, it is just a myth. Breast feeding is in no way protecting you from pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant on your period if you use birth control?

No. Birth control will prevent pregnancy.

Does birth control still work when you are on your period?

Yes but you dont get pregnant on your period even without birth control.

Will birth control cause a withdrawal period even if you are pregnant?

You get a withdrawal period AFTER you go off birth control.

If you stop taking your birth control because you think you're pregnant should you get your period?

If you're pregnant, then you won't get your period

Can a girl get pregnant right after her period is finished?

Yes, a woman can get pregnant directly after her period. Unless you want to get pregnant you should always use birth control.

Is it possible when you give birth can you child already be pregnant?

No. You have to have your period to become pregnant and you have to have a male figure

How long after birth is a newborn ready to breastfeed?


Can suboxone cause birth defects?

It doesn't say but it does say you should not take it when pregnant. Speak to your doctor about another medication instead. This also applies after the baby is born if you breastfeed.

Can you get pregnant on your period and just started taking birth control pills?

If you had sex it is possible you are pregnant. The chance of getting pregnant on your period, while taking BCP is quite small.