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No it will not. If you become pregnant, you will most likey not get a period, even if you are on Birth Control.

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Q: Will birth control force you to get your period even when you're pregnant?
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Ways to get your period to go away faster?

Your period will go away when it is ready to do so. Your period is a process your body has to go through, it's not something you can force to stop before it is due to stop. Relax, there's nothing you can't do during your period and no reason to force it to come to an end faster.

Ways to get your period to end faster?

Your period will end when it is supposed to end and you can't force it to end any faster. There's nothing that you can't do during menstruation so no reason to let it hold you back, and thus there's no reason for you to need to get your period to end faster.

How can you get your period overnight or as soon as possible?

Your period is controlled by your menstrual cycle, you cannot skip phases of your menstrual cycle or speed-up your menstrual cycle in order to start your period sooner than it is due. You cannot force your period to start overnight or at all, and there's really no need to attempt to make it start sooner.

Does drinking milk help you get your menstrual period earlier?

No, drinking milk does not help you get your period earlier - nor does it make your period heavier.Your first period will only come when you reach a point where your body is mature enough to ovulate, you can't force your body to develop any faster to get your period sooner.Your period is controlled by your menstrual cycle, you can't skip phases of your cycle or speed-up your cycle to menstruate earlier, and milk does not change your menstrual cycle either.

Does a minor boy who got a minor girl pregnant have financial responsibilities toward the mother and child or can the minor girl's parents force the minor boy's parents to help out financially?

not if he runs and hides

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Is it humanly possible to force your period?

As i understand it, yes. I hear that if you take two to three times the regular dosage of birth control pills for two to three days, that will force your period to start.

If Your dog tied 3 times what is the chances she is pregnant?

well it depends if your dog was having her period and they did it right there should be a chance that the dog is pregnant if she did not have her period she will not get pregnant but if she is having her period she will not have puppies if she does not have her period and has sex she is doing it for fun but do not force it on your dog

My mom trying to make me stay on birth control I'm 16 can i make my own decision is it legal in the state of alabama for me to get off without her permission?

A parent can't force a 16 year old in Alabama to take birth control. Before deciding whether to take or not take birth control, you should talk to your mom to find out what your mom's concerns are. Birth control pills not only help in preventing pregnancy, but regulates your period, and can also make it lighter.

Will taking a bath in vinegar stop your cycle?

No, bathing in vinegar will not have an effect on your menstrual cycle. Your period is controlled by hormones, and vinegar does not effect them in any way. The only outside force that can alter your period would be pregnancy, or birth control pills (which contain hormones).

Can a parent force an adolescent to go on birth control even if they are not sexually active?

No, in the US a minor has certain "fundamental liberties" one of which relates to the voluntary or involuntary use of contraception. That being the case, a physician cannot/will not, prescribe birth control for a minor if she is unwilling. That being the case, a court order is required before a parent can "force" a minor child to use birth control.

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Can you make yourself have a period?

yes you can.Actually no, you cannot force a period because a period is a cycle you cannot control it, it comes at different times for all women, it could be regular or irregular but you cannot force it you just have to be ready for it.yeah, no way it is a natural cycle( see above)

How would you know if you are having a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

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