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If you don't feel well, call your doctor. No one will be able to help you from the internet.

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Q: I am 6 weeks pregnant and having tightness in the lower abdomen?
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Having your period one day before your period After having your period without intercourse and have a bubbling feeling in the lower abdomen can you still be pregnant?

Um... If ur on ur period, ur not pregnant.

You are 15 weeks pregnant and having a sharp pain in your lower left abdomen?

This is not a diagnostic site for illness, disease or injury. Go see a medical practitioner.

Are you pregnant if you have the symptoms late period lower abdomen pain eating a lot and all of these occurred about 5 weeks after having sex?

Its very possible you could be pregnant. Unfortunately I cannot tell you if you're pregnant. Only a blood test can do that.

Is 6 days late period and lower abdominal tightness a sign of pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, the period you miss you won't get at all. The abdominal tightness is probably just cramping from your period coming late.

A small butterfly movement in lower abdomen but not pregnant that i am aware of....?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

Is tightness in lower abdomen after sex a sign of pregnancy?

I have experienced tightness and cramping after sex. later in pregnancy, sex can bring on labor. early in pregnancy, your probably feeling your muscles contracting after orgasm because it affects your uterus as well. like braxton hicks contractions

Why am I having Sharp abdomen pains and lower back pains There is a possibility I am pregnant but i have taken a test and it says negative. I feel some kind of movement in my lower abdomen. Help?

There are so many causes of abdominal and back pains it is impossible to say. You need to see a doctor. If you have not yet missed a period, that may be why the test is negative.

What part of the stomach is more vulnerable when getting hit-the upper abdomen or lower abdomen?

lower abdomen

What are the lines you see on your stomach when your pregnant?

The brown line that some pregnant women get down the middle of the lower abdomen is called the linea nigra.

I'm 35 years old near the end of my period without any chance of being pregnant and I've been having a strange sensation identical to that of a baby kicking in my lower abdomen?

you need to fart!

How long will you show after having a miscarriage?

The bleeding will last a few days or more, if you mean by "show" the bulge in your lower abdomen/pelvis, it depends on how far along you were and how much weight you have gained and if you have been pregnant before.

Is it normal to have spotting and a dull ache in your lower tummy at 12 weeks pregnant with lower back ache?

The spotting is always cause for concern. Get in to see the doctor any time you have spotting while you're pregnant. Pain in the lower abdomen can be serious but it can also be pulling ligaments. Again, see your doctor if you have any questions.