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over 20 pounds

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Q: How much weight can you lose if you fast for two weeks?
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How many laps would you have to walk to lose 90 pounds in 2 weeks if you weigh 178?

It would be physically impossible to lose that much weight that fast. And it would be very unhealthy to lose even ten percent of that in two weeks.

How can a thirteen yr old lose twenty lb in two weeks?

It is probably not safe to try and lose that much weight in so short a time. You can't gain it that fast, don't expect to lose it that fast. Eat sensibly and exercise. Ten pounds the first two weeks of a life style change is possible, but difficult.

How much weight can you lose in 11 weeks?

About 25-30 pounds

What are the best weight loss goals?

1 to 2 pounds a weeks is a healthy rate to lose weight. The first few weeks will certainly be much faster, as much as 5 pounds or so. But you didn't gain all the weight in a few weeks, so don't expect to lose it in a few weeks.

How can you lose 85 pounds fast?

There is no 'fast' way to lose that much weight. It wasn't gained fast, it won't go away fast. You are talking about a year to safely lose that much weight without causing major health problems. Sensible diet and exercise will help a great deal.

How can you lose 45 lbs in about 7 weeks if you are 16yr old 5' 6 and weigh 175 lbs?

There is no safe way to lose that much weight that fast. Half that would be really pushing it. Two pounds a week is a reasonable amount. And if you lose 10% of your weight, it will be very noticeable.

How fast will you lose weight eating 300 calories per day?

You will lose weight extremly fast but when you start to eat properly again youl put twice as much on!

How much weight can one lose with Optifast?

Someone looking to lose weight by using Optifast can lose a lot of weight. Optifast says that they can help you lose up to fifty pounds in eighteen to twenty weeks.

How much weight can you lose by using the Ab lounge for 2 weeks?

There is no set amount of weight that you can lose by using the Ab lounge for 2 weeks. If used regularly and intensively you can loose about 10 pounds.

If Jim lost 4lb in 10 weeks how much weight did he lose?

40 Pounds.

How much weight can you lose by eating fruits and vegetables for 2 weeks?

2 kgs

How much weight can you lose if you don't drink soda for 2 weeks?

well, you don't necessarily lose weight but you cut hundreds to thousands of calories, depending on how much you usually drink.